Hi. We're Shed Marketer.

We're a passionate team of marketing nerds that absolutely love the Shed Industry.

The History Of Shed Marketer

Founded in 2020 by Jim Mosier, Shed Marketer represents a strategic evolution in digital marketing, with roots extending back to December 2005. Our origin story begins with MosierData in Lakeland, FL, where our dedication to delivering high-end website design, custom applications, and online marketing services began.

For over 15 years, MosierData has carved out a significant presence in central Florida, partnering with over 250 companies across diverse industries. Our journey was marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, generating millions of dollars in revenue for clients who entrusted us with their digital marketing needs. However, the broad scope of our operations often meant investing substantial time and resources into understanding each unique industry we served.

Our success was built on a deep commitment to understanding our clients’ businesses. Yet, our exclusivity policy, designed to avoid conflicts of interest within the same local industry, challenged our scalability and long-term vision. Recognizing the need for a more focused approach, we embarked on a detailed analysis of our business model in 2019.

The decision to specialize in the shed industry in 2020 marked a pivotal shift in our journey. This focus was not arbitrary; it was a calculated move to conserve resources and aspire to become the leading digital agency within this niche. Having already worked with clients in the shed and portable building sectors, we were familiar with the industry’s nuances and demands. This specialization felt like a natural progression, aligning with our strengths and market opportunities.

Adapting to this new direction required a comprehensive overhaul of our internal processes, systems, and strategies. The full transition will culminate in the complete phasing out of the MosierData brand, as we fully embrace our identity as Shed Marketer.

Our goal is clear: to leverage our rich history and specialized knowledge to dominate the digital marketing landscape in the shed industry and create unparalleled value for our clients.

Founder Jim Mosier
Shed Marketer Management Team