4 Common Digital Marketing Problems Marketers Encounter

Many businesses have closed since the new normal, while some have struggled to stay afloat. However, as the world recovers from the pandemic, it’s much more challenging to regain the customers lost during the global downfall of businesses.

Therefore, it’s more important to launch digital marketing campaigns to recover most customers lost. But since it is more challenging than before, marketers should remember common digital marketing challenges as they will encounter them sooner or later. But what are they, and how do they affect future marketing campaigns?

1. Getting Customer Information

Focusing on customers is still a must as it is essential for digital marketing campaigns. But how to get their information? According to the Telegraph, using the search engine, Google is the best way to find out customers’ information; however, this is not helpful to businesses as Google won’t provide enough information to help them grow their business.

Businesses can use advertising platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter to get customer information. These platforms could help companies generate awareness of their products in a particular demographic. Without a doubt, businesses must improve their digital marketing campaigns.

2. Generating Qualified Leads

Having a quality website page is not enough to generate qualified leads. You need to invest in digital marketing to generate qualified leads because the new normal is to attract customers via social media, which is ubiquitous.

The key to generating leads from social media is to use an advertising network like Facebook. You could generate leads from Facebook advertising by targeting customers who already know your business but haven’t tried your products. By targeting these customers, you can show them your products better.

3. Creating High-Quality Content

Not all digital products are high-quality products. High-quality digital products are the ones that provide the best customer insights and solve customer problems.

For example, the high-quality digital product from the online beauty store Beauty Bay is a digital triptych that could give you the best beauty secrets. On the other hand, a low-quality digital product is digital content that is shock-full.

Creating high-quality digital products is essential because consumers are more aware of the products and services they buy. They want to make sure that they receive the best products and services.

4. Keeping Things Mobile-First

In the past, people focused on using digital products, like the desktop. However, with the advent of smartphones, digital technology has changed. Now, businesses and marketers need to focus more on digital technology, which is mobile-first.

Businesses and marketers should focus on creating digital products that are easy to use on mobile devices. Because of the recent mobile-first trend, forms must be simplified and easy to fill. After all, consumers don’t want to have long forms to fill out. At the same time, businesses and marketers need to develop responsive websites or apps to keep up with the customers’ needs.


Even though the new normal is challenging, it presents many opportunities. Therefore, moving forward with digital marketing campaigns is necessary to help businesses gain more customers. With the changing world and the new normal to look forward to, the digital marketing world has changed a lot. But even though it has changed, digital marketing remains the same. Businesses and marketers must understand the digital marketing challenges and address them to stay top of their game.

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