Common Mistakes Shed Websites Make and How to Avoid Them

Your shed company’s website is an essential part of your sales and marketing strategy. Before ever setting foot on your sales lot, calling you, or interacting with your 3D builder, a potential buyer will visit your website.

Unfortunately, shed and outdoor structure companies make some common website mistakes. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common issues and offer tips and suggestions on how to improve your website so that it stands out and generates more leads.

Here are common mistakes shed websites make and how to avoid them:

1. Your Website Does Not Have Any Social Proof

A potential customer must be convinced that you and your company are trustworthy. This is a massive hurdle for many shed companies to overcome.

For example, if a potential customer is starting to find a shed company, they are probably unfamiliar with your company’s products. From the customer’s perspective, it is a bit risky to buy from you without ever interacting with or experiencing the quality of your product.

One of the best ways to solve this problem is to add testimonials, reviews, and social proof to your website. You can test the results of adding reviews by installing a review script and looking at the conversion rate.

2. Your Website Does Not Integrate With Your Social Media

Another way that your website can become a valuable asset is by integrating social media. Doing so will allow you to include links to your social media on your website, make the user experience more enjoyable, and will enable you to build strong social signals.

A lot of companies make the mistake of using an e-commerce platform for their website. E-commerce platforms are great for selling products, but if you want to create a website that will convert visitors into leads, you will need a website builder that allows you to have complete control over the design and functionality.

While WordPress is not the only option, it is an excellent choice for a website that focuses on converting visitors into leads. That is because WordPress offers a large variety of landing page and sales page templates that you can use to build a strong front-end marketing experience.

3. Your Website Has No Purpose

Your website needs to serve a purpose. If you are not using your website to sell your products and generate leads, you will need to change your tactics.

Generating leads is the number one purpose of having a website. Without leads, you have no sales. And not only that, but if you have no information, you will have a tough time keeping your sales team motivated.

While it is essential to have images of your products, your website must have a vital purpose and a strong value proposition to convince the visitor to do something.

To create a great value proposition, you need to ask why. Why should visitors to your website do something? Why should they buy from you? Why should they buy from you instead of the competition?


Your website is one of the most critical parts of your sales and marketing strategy. It is your website that typically communicates the most about you. The best way to fix the mistakes we outlined in this article is to work with a professional.

With Shed Marketer’s support, your company may become more in sync with current trends with our digital marketing system for sheds. Boost your online presence and work with us today!

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