Facebook & Other Social Media Marketing and Advertising

For Shed Builders & Portable Building Manufacturers

How we leverage social media to sell more sheds online

Social Media Statistics from a shed builder website

Facebook and other social media sites are a great place to generate leads for shed builders. Let’s face it, many of your customers are already on the platform, and if done correctly, the cost to reach those customers can be on par or even less than with paid search.

One of the problems with Facebook’s algorithm, however, is that just because someone follows your company doesn’t mean they’re actually going to see what you post.

Our team of Facebook marketing professionals is here to help you get the results you deserve through a combination of free and paid promotions on Facebook as well as other platforms.

Social media can be very effective at generating leads for the shed industry, if done right and follow-up is quick and painless for the customer.

Facebook is definitely a place you want to be if you’re selling sheds.

Social media websites, and Facebook in particular, are a great place to generate leads for people looking to purchase a shed.  Most of your customers are already present on Facebook and advertising on social media is generally more cost-effective than search engines like Google & Bing.

While Facebook and other social media platforms do not make a marketing strategy in and of themselves, they are an important part of your marketing plan.  The trick is to be creative with your content.  You shouldn’t just post sales-ey stuff. You need to organically connect with your office. If all you create are posts about your services, reviews, awards, or other similar content, you’re probably going to find that people either ignore it or they don’t see it in the first place.

To get it right, you’re going to need to produce content that people want to consume. An example might be a great case study. If someone’s in the market for a man cave or she-shed and you show up in their feed with a case study as and advertisement,  do you think you’re going to catch their attention? Of course you are!

This type of strategic social media is how we get results. The right message to the right market.