Picture Perfect: Why You Need Images in Your Website

Unlike traditional marketing, SIVA works on the premise that communication goes two ways. Academicians further developed SIVA to create digital marketing. They were using the assumption that entrepreneurs should offer products (or services) that solve their customers’ problems.

SEO was developed under the assumption that you are informing potential customers on why your products (or services) are the solution to their problems. However, you should tamper your lengthy discussion with images.

This principle is helpful for shed builder websites. Images are essential because they can provide answers to what the prospective customer is looking for. It is an excellent method to communicate on the web. 

You might already understand its significance to shed builder websites. However, you should not settle for random pictures that you took. The following are reasons you need a strategy when including images on your website.

Pictures Lend Credibility

When people visit your site, you should instill confidence in them. These individuals will base their decision on the credibility of the website. You can do this by providing detailed and complex products that you offer.  

If you have a shed, use high-quality images that will make your customers visualize the shed. It can make them believe that your products are made from high-quality materials.

It is a subtle way to convince your customers that you are credible. Those looking for the best products should look for the best company. As a shed builder, you should always consider the importance of including images. It can establish your credibility and make your website look professional. 

It Proves Your Reliability

You should strategize your shed builder web design. Most of your prospects may appear because of your content. If you have provided enough information about your products, your prospects will trust your company. They expect good value for their money.

Let your prospects know that you are knowledgeable, and they can trust your shed builder website. If you use videos or images to outline your products, customers can anticipate the quality of your products. They can see the materials you used and the quality of your products. 

If you use shed plans, you should also provide images. Customers can see the materials you used and the quality of your products. They can also anticipate the instructions you provided.

You want your prospects to trust that you can give them accurate instructions. That is why you should provide several images of your instructions.

If you are thinking about your site, you should also include a video. The video will show step-by-step instructions on how to construct a shed. If your prospects have been searching for shed plans, they should not hesitate to use the footage you provided on your site.

It Proves that You Are Trustworthy

If you are a shed builder, your website should be trustworthy. Most of your prospects may want to purchase a shed. However, it is not easy to find trusted and quality companies.

If you are willing to provide this information, prospects will be glad to purchase your products. You should include images if you focus on providing information about your products.   

You have to understand that your prospects have questions in their minds. They are looking for answers before they become your customers. If they do not find answers, they will not trust your products.


If you are a shed builder, you should also focus on SEO. You should also include images in your marketing strategies because they can help you provide detailed information about your products. Your prospects can also visualize your products.

To ensure that your website will generate significant leads, you should ask Shed Marketer. As a digital agency for shed builders, we can strike a perfect balance between written content and images. Contact us now for more information!

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