Why Your Shed Business Isn’t Ranking in Google

Having a shed business has its own fair share of challenges, just like any other business. One common problem among shed business owners is their SEO campaign’s performance. Shed business owners often wonder why their shed business isn’t ranking for certain keywords. They want to know what they can do about it and whether or not it’s worth paying for digital marketing service. To help you, we’ve put together some of the common reasons why your website isn’t ranking on the search engine results page (SERP) so you know which area on your online strategy to improve.

1. Poor On-Page Optimization

It’s important that every single page of your website meets the search engine’s needs. This means your website’s title tag should be unique, your meta description should be written in a concise, concise manner, and each page of the website should contain relevant keywords. This is the first step in building the right foundation for your website. So if your website is lacking in the on-page optimization department, it may be due to things such as not using the correct keywords. If you are hiring a digital marketing service, make sure they are knowledgeable with on-page optimization.

2. Lack of Internal Links

Internal links are one of the best ways to draw the right kind of traffic to your website. They encourage users to click on them and ultimately find your website more quickly, and they also help your website rank better in the SERPs. When coming up with internal links, you want to write them in a way that can be easily read by a search engine and then also easily categorized by a search engine as a direct link to your website.

3. Slow Loading Times

Website loading times are crucial for just about any website, including the one for your shed business. This is one of the worst things that can happen to your website, and it’s one of the reasons your website isn’t ranking on the SERPs. The speed of your website’s loading time directly impacts your SERP ranking. The faster your website loads, the higher you rank. When you hire a digital marketing service, ensure they know the importance of loading speed.

4. Inappropriate Domain Names

Domain names are easy to spot because they are displayed in the SERPs. In order to find the right domain name for your shed business, you want to ensure that it meets several criteria. For example, you shouldn’t have a bunch of words or letters in the domain name that are meaningless. You should use a domain name that’s easily recognized or can be easily remembered. While this may seem like not a big deal, it can affect the organic search results considerably.

5. Poor User Experience

The user experience of your website will never go unnoticed by the search engines and the users themselves. This directly impacts your SERP ranking. Your website needs to look and feel professional. You shouldn’t have any outdated content, and it should also load quickly. The user experience also refers to the user interface, which is everything from the navigation to the design. Make sure you hire a digital marketing consultant who can help you improve your user experience.


Now that you know the common reasons why your website isn’t ranking, we hope you feel more informed about your SEO campaign and the services that you should be utilizing for it. If you’re looking for more advice, check out our article on some of the best tips to boost your website’s ranking.

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