What Is Dwell Time in SEO and Why Does It Matter to Your Shed Business?

An internet user’s dwell time can have a significant impact on your shed business, especially when attracting new customers online. However, many business leaders don’t know what dwell time in SEO is or how it affects their shed company. That’s why Shed Marketer developed a brief guide explaining everything shed companies need to know about dwell time.

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What Is Dwell Time?

Dwell time measures how long someone stays on one of your company’s web pages before returning to a search engine. It starts as soon as a user clicks on your website from the SERP (search engine results page) and ends once they go back to the results. 

For example, if someone stays on one of your website’s blog posts for 10 minutes, the dwell time is 10 minutes. To put it simply, the longer a user browses the page, the higher the dwell time.

You can improve your web pages’ dwell time by:

  • Improving page load times
  • Producing long-form content
  • Only releasing high-quality content
  • Tailoring your web pages to your audience’s search intent
  • Having strong introductions in each blog post 

Benefits of High Dwell Times

Having a high dwell time can provide several benefits to your shed company. Below are just some benefits of having a high dwell time for SEO.

Better User Experience

Websites with high dwell times typically provide a better user experience and often receive more interaction. Increased dwell times often signify high-quality web pages that entice users to browse your website longer, increasing the likelihood of them using your shed company.

Improves SEO Ranking

Many search engines, like Bing, use a web page’s dwell time to determine its SEO ranking. A website with a favorable SEO ranking appears higher in the search engine, making it easier for users to find. 

However, some search engines utilize dwell times in their SEO ranking more than others. Although Google hints that it considers dwell time when ranking web pages, it hasn’t confirmed or provided evidence to support the claim. That said, it’s still important to have an adequate dwell time to ensure your content appeals to your audience.

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