Everything You Need to Know to Run a Thriving Shed Business

Growing a shed business is a worthwhile investment, but it’s not without its challenges. Like any other business, it has a lot of moving parts that require immense focus and a considerable amount of resources. But, if you’re willing to be patient and put in the time and effort, you’ll have a thriving shed business in no time. Here’s what you need to do to successfully run a shed business.

The Components of Running a Shed Business

At its very core, a shed business is simply a collection of four components – a product, a delivery method, marketing, and sales. If you’ve ever run a standard business, the components of running a shed business will come as no surprise to you.

The Product

This is probably the most overlooked part of running a shed business, and it’s not uncommon to see people spend thousands of dollars on the business end of things before they even purchase their first shed. Business plans, advertisements, research, and all the rest of it are worthless without a product to sell, and if you don’t have a product, you can’t start your business.

While you can certainly sell a shed if you already own one and don’t have a plan for what to do with it, this is a bad idea because it limits your economic gains. You might make a few extra dollars selling your shed, but if you take the time to build and market a shed business, you’ll be able to profit much more than if you just sold your shed outright.

The Delivery Method

The delivery method is how you deliver your product to your customer – whether that customer is a retail customer or a home customer. There are several delivery methods you should consider. Some of them include a business website, a brick-and-mortar location, or a consignment shop.

A decent-sized website is great for building credibility and brand awareness, which is helpful in the long run if you decide to sell sheds online.

A brick-and-mortar location allows for the customer to actually look at the shed in person and get a feel for what will be arriving at the home, which helps assuage the fears of a potential customer who has never purchased a shed before.

The Marketing

One of the best types of marketing for your shed business is word-of-mouth marketing. However, in a time where everything digital far surpasses traditional marketing, it’s essential that your business stay relevant in this ever-changing world.

Start with a standard website and make sure you have a blog on your website that is updated regularly with helpful information for anyone looking to purchase a shed.

Don’t forget about social media! Twitter and Facebook are both major platforms for distributing your brand and increasing your reach.

A shed business is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Be patient and make sure you invest the time to market your business.

The Sales

Once you have a solid marketing base, you’ll be ready to actually make a sale. You’ll be surprised just how much easier it is to make a sale when you have a ton of customers who are familiar with your brand.

Word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind of advertising for your shed business. However, you’ll still want to be ready to leave a business card or business information with anyone you meet who may be interested.

However, the best way to make a sale is to be patient, helpful, and kind. The sale will come naturally!


There are a lot of moving parts to a shed business, and it’s not a “set it and forget it” kind of investment. However, if you take the time to grow your business and put a consistent effort into customer satisfaction and brand awareness, you’ll be able to build a successful shed business.

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