What Is the Importance of Website Speed in SEO?

Despite the importance of website speed, many business owners prioritize their website’s appearance and branding first. Although these elements play an elemental role in a website’s success, Google specifies that site speed is an integral ranking factor. The designers at Shed Marketer can handle any shed builder’s SEO marketing and will dive into how they influence your shed building company’s success below.  

What Does Website Speed Mean?

Website speed refers to how quickly your website loads after a search engine user clicks on it in the search results.

Many people confuse site speed for page load speed. Page load speed refers to the speed at which an individual web page loads as a visitor navigates a website. Both can make or break your shed company’s ranking in prominent engines like Google. 

How Website Speed in SEO Influences Your Ranking

Search engines determine a site’s ranking based on several factors, including:

  • Content relevance
  • Keyword and phrase density
  • Loading speed

When a potential customer looks for your services through a search engine, they expect the site and its pages to load fast. Websites that fail to load quickly enough may cause the searcher to think the site doesn’t work, isn’t secure, or will waste their time. Therefore, they’ll navigate away from the site, which causes bounce rates to increase. 

Increased bounce rates and little time spent on your website cause Google’s crawlers to perceive your content as irrelevant or unoptimized. Therefore, they rank your site lower in the search results. Lower rankings underscore the importance of website speed and page load times in SEO. 

What Affects Your Site Speed?

If you want to improve your shed business’s website speed, examine how the following factors can affect its performance. All elements need time to load and may add crucial seconds to the loading average. 

Media and File Size

As the owner of a shed building company, you should feature photographs of your work on your website. However, particularly large media files can slow load times to a halt. Implement image SEO strategies to optimize images. 

Site Features and Theme

Many hosting services allow users to choose from a plethora of themes, layout templates, and widgets. While a feature-rich website may improve certain management aspects, it significantly decreases site and page speed for visitors. Use minimal templates and clean layouts while reducing widget clutter where possible. 

Hosting Service

Hosting services essentially provide a platform that ensures your site’s visibility across the World Wide Web. Each service provider has various servers. When the servers don’t perform up to par, they add precious seconds to your site’s loading time.

Poor Coding

Errors and untidy site codes add obstacles to your site’s ability to communicate with search engines. These obstacles also influence how various site pages integrate and connect. Explore and eliminate your code’s weak points. 

Consult With Shed Marketer To Make Your Ranking Soar!

At Shed Marketer, we understand the importance of website speed. We also understand that adding videos to your website and other media makes information more accessible and engaging to visitors. Call 888-346-1069 to make your shed-building site fast and fascinating!

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