The 4 Best Social Media Channels for Shed Companies

If you’re a shed company, you know that social media is a great way to reach out to potential customers. Creating an interesting social media network for your shed company is an excellent tool for increasing brand awareness. 

The global online shopping market will surpass $4 trillion by 2020. It’s estimated that there will be 300 million U.S. online shoppers by 2023.

Home improvement is also the fastest-growing retail category to date. Unsurprisingly, online home improvement shoppers heavily use social media to gather inspiration. So your business must be on social media when customers start looking for inspiration.

However, with so many options, you might wonder which platform is the best for your business?

Here are the four best social media channels for shed companies:

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual platform that is perfect for companies in the home improvement and gardening space. People come to Pinterest to get ideas and inspiration for their next project.

Make sure your shed company is on Pinterest and create boards that showcase your products. This is a great way to entice new customers to your brand. Be sure to include high-quality photos and helpful descriptions.

2. Houzz 

Houzz is a social media platform and online home improvement and design directory. It’s a great place to showcase your work, connect with potential customers, and get inspired by other shed companies.

Like Pinterest, Houzz allows users to collect inspiration for home improvements. However, because Houzz is entirely focused on home and yard design, it is the most suitable social media outlet for shed companies. Houzz is also designed to display merchants, allowing people to buy things straight from its app and review vendors.

Since Houzz is focused on the product, sharing a picture of a beautiful shed is the ideal strategy. They also make it quite simple for consumers to contact you to purchase, so promoting sheds you sell is an excellent approach to generate leads.

3. Instagram

Instagram is another great visual platform that can be used to showcase your products and company. In addition to breathtaking photographs, you can use Instagram Stories to show your fans a behind-the-scenes peek at your company.

Don’t forget to utilize relevant hashtags so that people can find your firm when looking for inspiration.

4. Facebook

Facebook is a must for any shed business. You can use your Facebook page to share photos, videos, and updates on new products and special offers.

Make sure to interact with your customers on Facebook as well by responding to comments and questions on time.

You can also run Facebook ads and with the platform’s efficient target segmentation, you can make sure your ad only reaches the people who are interested in shed companies and are likely to purchase from you.


These are only a handful of options you should use as a social media channel. Remember, it’s vital to know which platform will work best for your marketing campaigns. By being active on these platforms, you’ll be able to reach more potential customers and grow your business.

If you are unsure about your digital marketing plan, seek the advice of a professional. Shed Marketer is a digital marketing agency for shed builders that strives to help you establish your online presence through creative digital solutions. Contact us right away to learn more.

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